3 Simple Steps to Owning Your Reality

One of the most prevalent theories and thought philosophies in the New Thought schools is the concept that your reality is, in fact, NOT REAL! That everything you see or experience is just your interpretation of the perceived stimulus. Think about this for a second and you’ll realize there is much truth in this notion, but maybe not at face value.

Have you ever heard the saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”?

To most people that means that we all have our individual tastes, and that what is attractive to one is not attractive to another. But I ask you, who is right? The one who finds the person or object beautiful, or the one who doesn’t? In truth, both are! Why is that so?

Well, because each person perceives the stimulus, in this case the attractiveness of a given object, in their own way. This is the essence of the concept that your reality is your own making. The ugliness or the beauty of the object is real to both parties, even though each sees it completely different. It’s the example of multiple realities on a basic, common level that everyone can relate to.

In NLP, we operate with an understanding that your reality is perception based and that these perceptions are viewed through what we call frames. Frames are basically filters, that we generally use unconsciously, to filter the information that we receive. The problem is these frames are generally inherited without our knowledge or understanding and thus can alter our reality.

This is why people have so many differences in opinions. It’s the frames they have set up in their mind that are causing these differences.

So what can we do with this information?

If we accept the idea that our reality is based on our perceptions, then all we have to do is alter our perception and we can alter our realities. How can we alter our perceptions? Start with this small list:

Adopt an attitude of gratitude

This is the easiest way to shift perception. It’s so easy in today’s day and age to feel left out or slighted by the universe in some way. We tend to live in a state of lack and want, and based on the law of attraction we will perpetuate that reality.

So instead, we should seek the gratitude in that which we have. And before you nay say this idea, if you have eyes in which to read this, or just took a breath in the last second, but have “nothing else” (I can easily argue that point), be grateful for your ability to read and breath. There are many people on this planet who can not do either.

Start a Gratitude Journal

My girlfriend and I stumbled across an actual physical journal dedicated to giving thanks while we were shopping in Marshalls of all places. In it, we each take a half a page and dedicate it to something to be thankful for that day. This forces us to not only be mindful and live in the present, but to remember that there is something to be grateful for.

Now, you don’t need this actual journal, a simple notepad will suffice, but at the end of the day, before you go to bed, write down something that you can be thankful for. Continue this practice everyday for a month, and I guarantee you’ll be amazed at the result.

Let It Go

Elsa, in her infinite wisdom was trying to teach us something with her song all along! By learning to distance yourself from situations, by trusting in the divine path, you can begin to let go of control in your day to day life. This will help free up your mental energy for more important pursuits, like staying positive and manifesting miracles.

Pissed off at work? Got into a traffic argument? Learn to let it go. A fight with your spouse. Let it go. Realize, that while living in the moment is great practice, getting stuck in a moment of anger or frustration is awful. What you are doing is taking your frame and making it dirty. Everything else you perceive will be negative, whether it is or not!

Learn to see the bigger picture and allow these things to just roll off you. Doing so will let you maintain a mindset that will allow you to stay in control of yourself.

Remember, controlling yourself, controls your reality.

Once you’ve adopted these three simple steps, you’ll learn a frame that will allow your mind to radiate positivity, from which only further positivity can flow.

Practice these and set an intention, and enjoy being a reality engineer.

Thank You. I love you.


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