About Me

The goal of this site is to teach and guide those reading it, to seek a balanced and bountiful life, that will help them achieve their personal goals of prosperity, happiness and health. We seek to achieve this by drawing on knowledge from various fields of both biology, psychology, sociology and spirituality.

Anthony Guido


For years Anthony has practiced and taught his concept of balanced living to his close friends and family. Having seen the changes they were able to make in their own lives, he wished to broaden his audience to the masses and teach as many people as he could. His hope is that they too can live the life of their dreams.

Anthony feels his path began in childhood when he would spend hours daily just reading and fantasizing about concepts beyond the scope of a normal child’s mind. Unbeknownst to him he started to pave the way for the future he know lives. But, it wasn’t until the death of his grandmother in 2006 that he opened his eyes to a spiritual path of awareness. The loss of his closest friend taught him many valuable life lessons, the same lessons he uses today in his lectures.

Anthony has walked a long path of self discovery and taken many notes along the way. He holds certifications in personal training, having been a competitive bodybuilder and coach to numerous athletes, and authored a few books on diet and fitness philosophy.

He is also a certified hypnotist, having used his hypnosis both commercially on stage and in private practice to help numerous people remove the blocks in themselves preventing their true potential. This field opened a door to other various alternative therapies and he also holds certifications and teaches in NLP, EFT, Law of Attraction Work and Ho’oponopono.

His goal is to combine all the knowledge he has acquired and spread it to others in his brand of Urban Shamanism.