Ho’oponopono Workshop Excerpt

Only a few days away now from my inaugural Ho’oponopono Workshop and I wanted to give a sneak peek about what will be discussed within.

The following is taken from my private notebook on the Urban Shaman Ho’oponopono process:

“….The most important concept to come out of Ho’oponopono is the idea of total responsibility. It states that we are responsible for everything that comes into our existence. This is the first and often hardest hurdle to overcome for many people trying to learn this philosophy.

The easiest way to relate this concept is to marry it to the law of attraction. I’m sure many of you here are familiar with that concept, but for those who may not, it’s basically that whatever thoughts or emotions we put out into the universe we receive in turn. Think positive thoughts and you can attract positive experiences.

Ho’o goes beyond that. It takes it a step further. It brings it to the realm of universal responsibility. This is a huge concept to understand in the therapy model I mentioned earlier. Since we are operating from a frame that everything that exists is within you, therefore all the problems in your life are your responsibility….

(….note cut for workshop only….)

…But, you see…the issue isn’t the person. I still haven’t seen them. I still don’t know anything about them. The issue isn’t you telling me. The issue isn’t even me asking you. The issue is my PERCEPTION of the problem. It’s how I view it and how I FEEL about it.

I need to take responsibility for it, because it is now in my life.

Think about this for a second….”Have you ever noticed, whenever you have a problem…you’re always there??”

You see. You can’t have an issue or a problem unless you are present for it. Therefore any and all problems present in your life, are YOU’RE responsibility….

Just a small taste of the 7 hour workshop coming up this Saturday. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, hop on over to:


and reserve a seat now, and learn the ancient Hawaiian way of releasing all the negativity from your life.

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