Life E-magined

Time is a crazy concept. Sometimes it seems like it can be super slow and other times it passes us by in a heartbeat.

But no matter how slow or how long it takes, there is one constant…time will always flow onward. It’s what we do in the moment, it’s how we interact with the current flow that makes the most difference.

Basically, it’s how we manage our time.

Before we know it, 2016 will have passed us bye. Another year gone,  but another fresh slate of a year before us. A blank canvass.

I’ve always been one to set resolutions, and aside from appearing on television, I’ve accomplished every single one I set out.

How have you been with your resolutions? Do u hit home runs every time you step up to the plate? Or are you still in the minor league waiting to be called up?

Either way, your resolution game is really your manifestation game. That’s why I’m so excited to present Urban Shaman’s New Year, New You Program.

Building on the basis of Life E-magined, the hyper charged emotional manifestation program I created, I want to teach you how this blank canvass of 2017 can be your masterpiece!

In this workshop you will not only learn:


  • A new way of manifesting flawlessly that’s light years ahead of the old LOA method




  • An entire built for you business model that you can IMMEDIATELY use with your clients to help them manifest their goals for 2017.


You can take this information and literally pay for this workshop with the money you earn from one day! Learn it this weekend and start earning next weekend if you want. It really is that simple process of a process.

There will only be room for 20 people at this workshop and for now this is a one time only course. It’s only a 5 hour time investment and a small money investment for what could be the most important information you’ll learn this year.

To purchase tickets click here.

Thank you. I love you.

Anthony Guido

P.S: YES you will receive a certificate of completion for this course and be a certified life E-magineer!

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