Love Can Overtake Technology 

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Now, onto the latest post:

I just read a fascinating story that I know I have to share with you readers. When I read it I was immediately awash in positivity and excited about the idea behind it. It involves a French scientist who conducted an experiment with baby chickens and a RoboChicken.
The scientist who conducted these experiments is named Rene Peoc’h of the Fondation ODIER in Nantes, France. What he did was create a robotic chicken with a random number generator programmed within it. This chicken would move about the chicken coop in a straight line then stop and have the number generator determine whether or not it would turn left or right. Statistically, and as expected, the researchers recorded that the RoboChicken turned left about as often as it did right.
Once this portion of the experiment was finished, the scientists introduced a flock of baby chicks into the coop. Now, baby fowl will ‘imprint’ upon the first moving object it interacts with and develop a ‘mama’ bond to that object. This could be an actual mama hen, a human, or even a balloon (this was done in one experiment!). Once the chicks develop this bond they tend to follow their ‘mama’ around wherever it may go. 

However, in this experiment, the baby chicks imprinted on the robot chicken. Somewhat cruelly, they were not allowed out of their cages to follow the RoboChicken around. They were kept isolated from the robot, who was still programmed to walk around the chicken coop randomly. 

The fascinating part of this study occurred once the chicks imprinted on the RoboChicken. When the robot was placed in the vicinity of the chick’s cage, the random-number-generated-free-to-move-wherever-it-pleased RoboChicken, would meander towards the cage more than 2.5 times than statistically expected!

Think about this for a second. The desire of the baby chicks for their ‘mama’ caused a vibrational energy wave so powerful that it overrode a random number generating computer. 
How is this possible?
Well the field of Quantum Physics has caught up a lot lately to the new thought and mystic movements of the past 30-40 years. What was once a conception relegated to the new age or ‘hippies’ is now being proven in scientific experiments.
All living matter can be broken down into two forms at a subatomic level, particles and waves. Research into Quantum Physics has shown that particles are matter and resonate a vibrational frequency equivalent to what is. It has also proven that waves are potentiality and vibrate to the frequency of what could be
Scientists have discovered that the determining factor for what becomes matter and what becomes a wave, is FOCUS. When focus is applied, particles become matter. When focus is removed, we have a wave of pure potential. This isn’t the type of focus one gets from using self-affirmations or vision boards. This is the focus generated by only emotions and feelings.

Positive thinking is ok, but positive feelings are abundantly more powerful! This is where sisters, Faith and Hope, come into the equation. Hope is a powerful thought of a possible future outcome, whereas Faith is the emotion/feeling that aligns with this vision and says that the future outcome is possible. In order to be a conscious creator, you need both Hope and Faith. One without the other, is like a car without tires.

Just imagine…if the love within a group of baby chickens could change a random number generator to give them their RoboChicken mama, what could you do with this power??
Thank You. I Love You.

Anthony Guido.

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