“Open Your Eyes”

It’s one of the most iconic lines from my favorite film, Vanilla Sky, and it’s being spoken to David (played by Tom Cruise) from his girlfriend Sofia (played by Penelope Cruz). In the context of the movie this line has deep and far reaching implications that I won’t spoil here, but it’s part of a process that gave birth to what I recently discovered.

In the movie there’s a company known as L.E. which stands for Life Extension and there motto is Living the Life you Imagined and David winds up in contact with them to salvage his life….

But in real life:

Those who are familiar with my work know that for years I’ve been using Ho’oponopono and recently I was struck with a satori moment that literally made me open my eyes and re-taught me something I’ve always known but apparently was suppressing for years.

But it’s not just me that has this knowledge. It’s all of us. What am I talking about??

What I learned is a new way of doing the law of attraction that is so simple but will literally elevate it to a level never before attainable

It’s L.E. come to life. No longer a movie concept of living the life imagined. Like Monet, you can actually paint the picture of your own world and live an amazing life under your own vanilla skies.

Since I’ve been applying these principles I can honestly say EVERY DAY I’ve experienced something ‘coincidental’. Be it finding the right passage in a book that put my mind to ease, or meeting a celebrity I’ve wanted to see for years. (Yes literally I intended and merely an hour later she walked by me and even smiled lol)

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, I’ll be doing a free (for members) introductory lecture on the topic at the NGH-LI October chapter meeting on October 6th at 7pm. It’ll be at the Islip Public Library.

I’d love to share this valuable secret with all of you, so please attend and let’s make this holiday season one of abundance and prosperity!

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