The Origin of the Urban Shaman

Centuries ago, amongst the tribal people of Siberia, a term came into existence that would give rise to a holistic movement all its own. The word Shaman was created, and it was used to identify those magi and seers that would advise and guide the tribe to safety, and ultimately prosperity across the frozen tundra.

Throughout the years, the term has been adopted by numerous indigenous people and each tribe or culture has added its own flavor and prestige to the title. From the ancient Siberian Shamans, to the Zulus and the Native Americans (to name only a few), the term has come to embody one who is the spiritual backbone of its people.

Historically, a Shaman was a medicine person, the earliest form of a doctor we can find, who used both holistic means as well as prayer, ritual and magick to perform miracles. On top of the medicinal responsibilities, the Shamans were also often gifted in divination: prophets who could foresee the future through dreams, or predict events or locations such as watering holes for the tribe.

But, to me, the most important job the Shaman had in antiquity was to preserve the heritage of the culture in which s/he was raised. Armed with the knowledge of its people, the secrets of not only the tribe, but the universe as it was understood, the Shaman was responsible for passing on knowledge to each generation born under its lifetime.

Often, these teachings would be in metaphor, taught via story or ritual. Sometimes, it was passed on in song or dance, or an amazing combination of all the above. Think for a moment of any fable or legend that we hold today in our modern age. You could thank a Shaman for recanting that story time and again for each generation to pass until you.

As we fast forward to our modern times, the title of Shaman has been relegated to those who pursue a holistic, natural path to healing. It is at times a philosophy as much as a modality, but it stays fairly true to its origins, at least in the ritual component.

We, however, at Urban Shaman have chosen our title specifically for what we feel is the future of spiritual growth and enlightenment. We seek to take these ancient rituals, philosophies and practices and bring them forward into our new modern age and infuse them with the psychology, sociology and technology of today’s new society.

As social technology connects us in a way that is actually distancing us from each other, we feel it is important to honor the ancient ways, but we realize that many of these ideas may be outdated and not applicable to today. That’s where the Urban Shaman comes in. We unite the old with the new and create an entirely new philosophy and practice.

The basis of this new philosophy is the Three Pillar System of Life, which advocates balance between the physical, the spiritual, and the mental aspects of one’s being. This blog will cover a holistic, whole-life approach to living.

Well…not JUST living, living a life of abundant wealth, health, happiness and love.

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