The Three Pillars of Life

OIn my previous post I alluded to the concept of a Three Pillar approach to balanced living. This style of living was one I came upon years ago as I kept constantly searching for what I felt was missing from my life. As I tried to fill a void in one area, I was often left wanting in another. The spiral was continuous, and as you can imagine, incredibly unfulfilling. 

It wasn’t until I realized the concept that these pillars all rely on each other for support and balance did I really learn the value in balanced living. My journey into self improvement began with bodybuilding, and like most endeavors in my life, I threw myself into it fully and wholly. The more time I dedicated to perfecting my body, I realized the less connected and creative I became. My previous interests in writing and spiritual self development seem to suffer. Inversely, as I would immerse myself into one of my writing projects, I would find myself unable to get inspired to make it to the gym. 

For a while I thought this was just life. I could have my cake, but I couldn’t eat it too. However, I was growing more and more unsatisfied with myself and my level of work the longer and more heavily I leaned towards one pillar or another. It wasn’t until after I turned 30, when I started to prep for what would be my final run at a bodybuilding pro card, did I realize that while I was immersed in my training, I was able to study harder and learn quicker than when I wasn’t training. I started to realize that as I devoted energy into one Pillar, the others could respond in kind as long as I kept filling each one.

I was now able to have my cake and eat it too! 

So what exactly are these three pillars of life I am talking about?

  • Pillar One- The Body
  • Pillar Two- The Mind
  • Pillar Three- The Soul

While ultimately no one pillar is more important that the other, they are listed in order of enlightened growth. As one begins to develop the lesser pillar, you are in fact strengthening the bases of the others.

So What are the Pillars made of, in terms of Urban Shamanism?

Pillar One- The Body:

     This pillar is dedicated to the development of the physical body and health. Combining my years (20+) of exercise and nutrition/supplementation knowledge, this pillar will teach and guide the seeker into maximizing not only their physical appearance, but their holistic health goals as well. 

Pillar Two- The Mind

     This Pillar will focus and draw upon my experience and studies in NLP and hypnosis, as well as my research into psychology and sociology. Within this pillar we will explore a myriad of topics, but most will devote themselves to teaching and guiding you to understanding your own mind and using it to achieve the goals and desires you wish to manifest. 

Pillar Three- The Soul

     This pillar will be dedicated to exploring the topics of Law of Atraction, the concept of Divinity, Energy Dynamics and the connectivity of the human spirit to one another. It’ll be a forum for the philosophies and studies I have undertaken these past years, which I feel will help the seeker gain a greater understanding of the depth of their own soul, leading to a better connection to that which exists above and around us all. 

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Thank You. I love you. 


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