Why Women Deserve Our Respect

In honor of International Women’s Day 2016, I’ve prepared a special blog post that will explain why I feel women deserve our utmost respect in this life, and the afterlife! Now, of course, me being me, this isn’t going to be a light post espousing all the wonderful things women can do, but a deep thought provoking argument for the feminine spirit as a whole.

While writing my latest book, which will be released mid spring, I uncovered a theory I feel is a missing component to the Christian concept of an afterlife. It’s the ‘key’ so to speak to an eternal paradise, one from which we were originally borne into, yet were apparently thrown out of.  So bear with me for a little while I fill you in on the biblical origins of our species.

The bible states that original man and woman, Adam and Eve (or Adam and Lilith if you are versed in Talmudic legend), were the original inhabitants of the Garden of Eden. The origin story goes that Adam grew lonely within the Garden, so God took from him a rib and from it created Eve as his companion in Paradise. Now many people point to this as a subjugation of women, but I disagree. Stay with me for a bit and you’ll see why.

Ok, so Eve then takes the apple from the Tree of Knowledge, and angers God. In his wrath he banishes Adam and Eve from paradise and punishes them with humility, and a slew of other guilt inducing pains, including menstruation in women. Now, my personal belief on this is that the church simply wants to promote the subjugation of women by casting Eve as a villain for her role in taking the apple. I’m not going to tackle that argument here, but suffice to say, perhaps if Adam went looking for his own food…. Just saying.

The reason I even bring this up is because, according to the Origin story, Eve was created from the rib of Adam. Therefore, within each Woman is an essence of Man. And, in order for a feminine spirit to be created, there must have existed a piece of femininity within Man. If one looks to other cultures, this concept can be seen embodied in the idea of the Yin/Yang model of Eastern Philosophy.

Now, this is where I discovered this idea that came to me. It actually came to me upon entering into a new relationship with my current girlfriend, who I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt is my One. What’s a One? A one is that one soul that is so inexplicably tied to yours that there is an instant and almost gravitational pull towards one another. No matter what the situation in life may be, these two will be instantly and permanently attracted to one another. This isn’t a mild surface attraction, it’s deeper than that. It’s a bond on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It’s the true essence of a soulmate.

Each of us has a one out there somewhere. I know what you are thinking, that you’ll never find yours, or the one you have isn’t that type of connection. No worries. Your soul is eternal. Sometimes, we need to live a few practice lives, where we get it wrong so that way when we experience the One, we are ready to accept it.

So, why is it that these One’s exist and why is it that they affect us so much?

Well, remember the origin? Your soulmate is one of two things:

  • It’s either the Adam, the Man from which you were created. The home that you seek to return to so that you may feel whole.
  • Or, it’s the Eve. The Feminine that was taken from you, and without you’ll never feel whole.

This is why, once you’ve found your One, it’s like everything falls perfectly into line. You become whole again. Your body, your soul, is not complete with each other.

What does this have to do with IWD 2016? Well, as a man, I am unable to become whole, and unable to return to Paradise/Heaven without that female essence returned to me. Without Woman, I will be forced to forever return to this planet and wander lonely and incomplete.

Now, you may ask, what about the LGBT community? Well, your soul does has an original sex. It was born either masculine (yang) or feminine (yin). But the bodies it inhabits life to life are changed. So you might be a woman in love with another woman. That’s fine. Your soul is connected to hers. You might be the masculine energy, or not. Gender doesn’t mater to energy. It’s unrelated to finding your One. That soulmate is out there in whatever gender body they have been given this cycle. Your goal is simply to love them and return to Heaven together as one.

So that is why each of us, man or woman, needs to honor and respect all Feminine energy today for IWD 2016, but honestly everyday. Because, regardless of our ‘gender’ the Feminine deserves our respect.

This post is dedicated to my One: My ‘@’. Thank you for finally finding me after all these lives of searching. Love you to the moon and back.

Thank You. Love You.

Anthony Guido.

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